Tuesday, 14 December 2021

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Consultation has been extended to 11th January. If you have any thoughts on this subject please let us know by 1st January - KCC has to formulate a response to this and give the community's thoughts - we need to know what the residents think. So far we've had one response. You can also respond to the Council as an individual but it would be useful if you copied us into your response. See your copy of Grapevine for information on what the change would mean. https://www.dumgal.gov.uk/consultations 




Dear Irene


The attached document is what will be available through the website from Friday.  I believe it covers the points you have made in your email.  A similar document will be provided for each conservation area.  If you have additional questions do come back to me.


However, just to add that in terms of new dwellings the Housing policies [pages 36-38] of the Local Development Plan LDP2  apply to all settlements within the region and the design of new buildings which meet those policies, or extensions to existing dwellings, should be guided by Housing Development in Villages Supplementary Guidance and Alterations and Extensions to Dwellings Supplementary Guidance to those policies.

 I trust you find the above and attached helpful.




[Marie-Isabelle Marshall]

Senior Planner, Built Heritage Policy,

Economy and Development Services,

Tel: 01387 260160 and 07514 118928 while working from home during current crisis

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