Thursday, 23 October 2014

Friday, 10 October 2014

Kirkmahoe War Memorial WW2 Inscriptions Unveiling this Sunday 12th October 2014

Kirkmahoe Heritage Group is pleased to announce the unveiling of 
WW2 inscriptions at 2.00 pm Sunday 12th Oct 2014 at the War Memorial.
There will be a short service conducted by Rev Almond and the Sloan Pipers will be in attendance.
Parking is available in the field across the road at Conan's Knowe.

After the ceremony you can follow the British Legion Standard to 

Kirkton Village Hall for other happenings and refreshments

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Links for Matthew

Welcome to my Autumn Newsletter featuring new videos, blogs from my recent South America Tour and Upcoming Concerts.
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Beethoven on Guitar

 Earlier this year I visited Siccas Guitars in Karlsruhe, 
and spent an afternoon recording upon a selection 
of beautiful guitars. A highlight from these recordings 
is this video of Beethoven's Adagio Cantabile
 from his Sonata Pathetique originally composed 
for the piano.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Security in Kirkmahoe + 4 Missing Traffic Cones

Smart Water

From Neil Munro
"I am sharing this Smart Water Technology with you as it is a well-known theft prevention system and acknowledged by the Police. Whilst it doesn't as such prevent theft, a notice showing that this system has been used in a property may be a deterrent and stolen goods can be traced since each purchase has a unique formulation. This note is for your interest only and whether you wish to purchase or use this product is a personal decision. 

Special Offer
Anybody who resides in Scotland will be able to purchase a Smart Water Home Security Pack for just £25.00.

Offer Code = your Post Code Simply enter your post code in the box (which looks like the one below) on the shop page of the Smart Water Website.

Click on the highlighted links above for further information.
4 missing traffic cones

More on the subject of security, Neil has asked me to let you know that four cones went missing from Kirkton Village Green at the weekend. If anybody sees them in a field or such like, please contact him on 01387 711664.

Please share this information, as you see fit, with anybody who does not have access to a computer.