Monday, 7 September 2020

More Corona Diaries & Gardening

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Hello All, 

After yesterday's beautiful afternoon and evening, I had hoped that the weather forecast for rain today would be wrong, but of course, it was completely accurate!

The rain might encourage you to stay inside today and read Colin Crosbie's tips on gardening for the next few months.  Then when the rain stops, we can all get out and start following his advice, so we have lovely displays in the Spring.

And, thanks Colin for reminding me to go and buy some garlic to plant.

As always, look after yourselves and our neighbours, 


Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Covid Diaries, Quarry & Dalswinton Walk & Support Group

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Hello All,

I am very grateful to Chris Isles for sharing his Covid Diaries with us.  He has documented the first 100 days and found a wealth of cartoons too.  I will be sending this out in three 'chapters'.  Today's cover the period to the middle of April.

These are a personal account - any young historians amongst us should be interested as they are primary sources and valuable as research materials for the future!

And as they say...
In other news, KCC are considering their response to the proposal to extend gravel extraction at Kilblane to the fields alongside Quarry Road.  We have had very little comment form members of our community, so if you have anything you would like to ask or observations to make, please get in touch.

And Peter Landale has asked us to let you know that the walk between Dalswinton Village and the Journey Garden will be closed from Monday 7th September until Friday 2nd October for forestry operations.  Please do not try to use the path during this time.

And as always, please remember that if you need help, the Kirkmahoe Support Group is here to help.

Best wishes, 
The Grapevine Team