Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sand bags outside the Hall

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Having just driven into Kirkton, it has been noted that a tractor has just delivered a small load of sandbags which are sitting in a pile on the grass outside the Village Hall.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Recent Floods We want to know of your experience please.

Recent Floods
Kirkmahoe Community Council are trying to compile a record of the recent flooding to help us deal with possible future events.
Please tell us your experience
Was your house/garden/land flooded?
Were you almost flooded/trapped by floodwater?
Did your car get trapped in floodwater?
Did you help people who were trapped?
Do you have any comments or ideas about what could or should be done for the future?
Do you have any pictures?
 Please send your observations, comments and pictures to:

Jean Muir – North Wing, Carzield House DG1 1SY (tel: 710216)

Jean Muir

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Today's Tide times in light of storm Jonas' arrival

Tide Times

High Tide00:52(8.38m)
High Tide13:07(8.56m)
Low Tide19:39(0.00m)

The Southerness Point tide times are adjusted for British Summer Time where applicable.

Weather Forecast

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Next High Tide, Sun and Moon times

tide clockUTCnext high tidenext low tidetide hourstide minutestide seconds
Next High Tide: 13:07
3hr 24min
Next Low Tide: 19:39
9hr 56min
Sunrise and Sunset
Waning Full Moon
Waning Full Moon

Neap & Spring Tides

The graph below shows seven days of high and low tides at Southerness Point visually. Where there is little change, a Neap tide has occurred. Where the change is greatest, this is a Spring tide. Graph times are now adjusted for BST, as above.
Tue 26th JanWed 27th JanThu 28th JanFri 29th JanSat 30th JanSun 31st JanMon 1st Feb
Tide graph for 26th January 2016Tide graph for 27th January 2016Tide graph for 28th January 2016Tide graph for 29th January 2016Tide graph for 30th January 2016Tide graph for 31st January 2016Tide graph for 1st February 2016

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