Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sighting of a Jay

A Jay was sighted ground-feeding in a garden in Kirkton.

A member of the crow family this shy bird has an unusual habit of allowing ants to run over its plumage, most probably to keep away parasites. Jays are most beautiful in appearance, and tend to be less common in Scotland than in England and Wales. Although the picture above gives the general appearance of a chaffinch, a Jay is about the size of a jackdaw.

People who feed the birds during winter do reap the rewards of attracting numerous different species to the area.

Jays will sometines be brave enough to land clumsily on feeders and will eat peanuts, cheese, fatballs, berries etc. Suet pellets will also attract all sorts of birds and tend to be eaten before any other food.

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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Memories of a White Christmas 2009

Memories of a White Christmas

Christmas 2009 was the first White Christmas most of the younger generation will remember. It was chilly! but very beautiful. Our community gained a new member this winter. Can you give him a name? See below.

Can you give me a name?

Photos Courtesy of Carla Corlett-Svensson

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