Monday, 14 June 2021

Family Fun Day Rescheduled to 21st Aug

Viking Shield Instructions

 The Family Fun day has been rescheduled to 21st August 2021 - 12- 4pm - you should receive your leaflet with details soon.

For your child's viking shield I have put card, gaffa tape, egg box, paper and instructions in the Kirkton phone box for the kids who don't attend Duncow primary. Please return the tape and instructions once you've made your shields. Have fun. Decorate any way they fancy - prizes for all shields. Instructions also attached below.

If you can spare a wee bit of time to help out on the day it would be greatly appreciated. We need volunteers to help make the day run smoothly eg
Car park
First aiders
Gate people
Help with set up and clearing away
Children's (and adults) games helpers
General help.
Decoration of field

This is a community event and we want to have as many people as possible involved. Please reply to this email if you can give us an hour of your time.

Thanks in advance


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