Thursday, 27 October 2011

Do you have a 4x4? Would you like to help?

Hello Everyone, Gordon Bisset received this message from Ae 4x4 Club, I am sending it on incase anyone with a 4x4 is interested
Regards Jean Muir
Contact email for John Goodwin is

It's nearly time to put the 'clocks back' an hour and 'the nights are fair drawing in' - as they say. The Ae 4x4 club members last year were busy at this time and throughout the winter months helping carers reach their clients whose homes were, in some cases isolated in exposed and remote areas. They were, in some cases bed ridden in homes that were cut off by snow and ice. We also play an important part within the Dumfries and Galloway Emergency planning and can provide much needed support to a range of individuals/organisations.
This is where you and your 4x4 comes into it's own!
This is your chance to do your bit, to help out like last year by delivering carers and/or vital supplies etc.
All you need to do is let our club secretary (John Goodwin) have your contact details, availability,type of 4x4, how many passengers and what area would be most practical for you. He'll coordinate the volunteers. Don't worry, it won't be dawn to dusk but just as little or as many hours a week as you are comfortable with. A couple of hours was the average last year
So go on, get your name on the Ae 4x4 response register and help somebody else have a great Christmas as well.........................

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