Monday, 3 January 2011

Water Situation

Hello Everyone

Happy New Year!

Our water is still off (since 25th Dec) which is very inconvenient, but perhaps cannot be helped. However, my neighbours and I have been given the run around by Scottish Water with wrong information and not really taking any note of our phone calls until day 8 so now they are delivering bottled water to us.

Last night on the Scottish News they said that Scottish Water believe only about 200 houses are without water across Scotland - I have just phoned SW since so few people are suppopsed to be affected and they said they would send someone to look. As I had to hang on for 15mins I do not believe their figures, and the reason the figures are so low is because they did note take proper note of the calls they have received

I am therefore proposing to make a formal complaint to Scottish Water and our MSPs about the situation. If anyone else has had the same experience, please could you let me know

If you are still without water they will deliver bottles to you, but you seem to need to persist and get a works order number

Best Wishes
Jean Muir

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