Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Are you fed up with potholes?

Pothole hotline

If you are as fed up of potholes as we are at Kirkmahoe News you can contact the Dumgal Pothole Hotline using the above link.

The hotlline is frequently out of service, but, persevere until it is working again.
The 2 potholes at Auchencrieff Farm and the one just as you turn right on main road to town are particularly dangerous. The more of you who report this, the more chance we have of getting something done. If you do nothing then you cannot ecxpect them to get repaired.

We should like to know how many of you have had to get new tyres because of hitting a pothole so email us  at kirkmahoe@gmail.com if you and your car have suffered due to unrepaired potholes.

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