Wednesday, 2 September 2015

ITV Border Coverage of our Campaign against Pylons 6pm this evening Watch

Dear Kirkmahoe resident

ITV Border News interviewed some Dunscore residents this morning and the interview is expected to be broadcast an Border News at 6pm this evening. There were also some photographers from the Standard, so there may also be an article there later this week.

The 38 degrees online petition now has over 2,000 signatures, with names being added most days, so please keep levels of awareness high among your family and friends to ensure we keep this petition alive and growing. There is of course no time limit to this online petition and we expect to keep it going for the duration of the campaign against pylons. I’ve attached the link again below. 

If you have already written to our local representatives such as MPs, MSPs and Councillors you will no doubt have started to receive their replies. Some are obviously more positive than others. We are a small population in this area of SW Scotland likely to be affected by the pylons, and we will obviously need to be punching well above our weight in this battle. Achieving maximum possible  support from our local representatives would be invaluable to us, so if you have not yet managed to get a letter or email away to MPs, MSPs and Councillors, please try to find a little time to lodge your objections with them as soon as you can. There is no time limit for contacting local representatives, but obviously it will be helpful if they have as many comments from local residents as possible during this first stage of the campaign.

The replies from some local councillors and MSPs have been encouraging, and if we can maintain a flow of objections and comments to them that should keep the matter high on their agenda. All the relevant email addresses are on the link below. Click on “contacting local representatives" at the top and just cut and paste the addresses onto your email. 


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