Saturday, 29 August 2015

Safety and overhead power lines

Note the flames in the background

Safety Campaigns by SPEN

In SPEN's own literature they have campaigns to show how dangerous overhead lines can be especially to farmers working with farm machinery. It shows that if a power line comes down it is still live.

Of course they would not have to have safety campaigns if they buried their cables to remove the danger, and leave the countryside unspoilt for future generations.

Here is the link to SPEN'S safety campaign literature

"Last year, there were 89 incidents on agricultural land in North Wales and Merseyside, and over the past five years there have been more than 800 incidents in the same area. The majority of these incidents are caused by power lines falling as a result of adverse weather conditions, but can also be caused by accidental contact with overhead power lines.
In July, one of our teams attended an incident in Wrexham after a farmer clipped an 11,000 volt power line with machinery. The incident resulted in a power cut for 17 nearby properties, as well as causing damage to the overhead line. Fortunately no fatalities or injuries occurred, however, direct contact with live electrical equipment, even at the lowest voltage, can be fatal - overhead power lines can carry electricity at up to 400,000 volts."

Is not our area and agricultural area? They show that they know of the dangers. Why inflict this on us?

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