Sunday, 30 August 2015

Dangers from pylons in the snow and ice

A few years ago there was heavy snow and ice. When snow and ice forms along the lines between the pylons the weight of it brings the pylons down. Are we to have this visited upon us in the winter?
This from the Met Office. (We have to remember that we are in Scotland so we have more likelihood of this happening here.)

" Energy supply & Telecommunications.
 Snow and ice accumulate on transmission cables, trees, masts and pylons, especially when the temperature is close to freezing. The additional weight can lead to sagging of cables and collapse of trees and masts. Collapse of pylons is exceptional in the UK, but has occurred in other countries in these conditions. Ice on electricity cables can affect transmission. The most frequent impacts are from falling trees that pull down local transmission cables with them."

Other such dangers can be found in this report from Bill Bates Electrical Inspector of the Health and Safety Executive. Click here for this report

You still have time to get your objections in to SPEN via email.

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