Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Pylons Protest Go To Meetings

Dear Community Councillors,
I have been attending the “Consultation” about the new power lines.  I strongly recommend that anyone not going to the Cairndale today,  should go to Locharbriggs Community Centre 2pm to 8pm tomorrow Wed 17th June.
It appears, that there is no change planned to the present old DISTRIBUTION Network – that uses the old wooden poles.  However, what is proposed as the preferred option is to bring a new TRANSMISSION Network right through our area – Auldgirth – Dalswinton -  Duncow – Dumfries.  This means tall pylons right across the Nith Valley.
Asked why they wished to remove the old Transmission Line from South of Dumfries (that would be a shorter route from Dumfries to New Galloway if it cut across from Milton to Partan?), we were told ‘the birds and other environmental factors”.
We think transferring the TRANSMISSION Line north to Kirkmahoe make no sense- but if people do not object / protest in large numbers it will go through.
Please pass this to the Kirkmahoe e-mail distribution.
In haste,  Derek

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