Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Answers to BT 1304


Answer to BT 1304

 The photos were all taken from the road leading to Quarrelwood.

Picture 1 is of a stone surround over a burn which provides a horse watering point at the cottages opposite Quarrelwood.   Many years ago there was a small settlement here. The lumps and bumps in the field in front of Quarrelwood are all that remains.

Picture 2 was taken at the first bend on the road, facing South-west and provides a view of the hills on the other side of the Nith.

Picture 3 was taken from the same place as picture 2, facing East.  Thanks to Dobie Davidson.  Although he did not know the location, he was able to tell us that the sheep are Swaledales! 

 These photos show clearly what a beautiful corner of Scotland we live in, especially when the sky is blue!
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