Friday, 19 November 2010

Gritting Salt Bins and Road Closures


We have been offered the chance to apply for more salt/grit bins and other equipment in case of severe weather, but we would need to use the salt/grit ourselves.

As the main road through Kirkton, Duncow and Dalswinton is already gritted we are looking at the hills on side roads and pavements in the villages.

We need people living near the hill or pavement to volunteer to actually spead the salt/grit if conditions are bad, and need to know if you would need equipment such as snow shovel? push along pavement gritter? high visibility tabard?

We are suggesting (but need volunteers for)

Duncow School
The hill beyond Duncow School towards the windmill stump
Riddingwood Crossroads
Auchencairn Hill ( I think beyond Castlehill Cottages)
The junction of Quarry Road with the road to Kirktonfield

In Kirkton we understand there are already grit boxes in John Crabbe Crescent and Wellington Crescent but think there should be one at Barrasgate.

Please could you let us know if there is already a grit box near you, or if you think there should be one near you and if you would be willing to keep an eye on it and put grit on a particular stretch of road or pavement.

We have been notified that:-
the road through Gallaberry to Carzield Farm will be closed for resurfacing on 6/7th December
the road through Quarrelwood to Newlands, Whitehall and Carrickrigg will be closed for resurfacing on 8th/9th
Access will be restricted on these days.

I hope we will see some of you at the Racenight when we will be making a presentation to Sandyand Heather McNay to mark their retirement from Kirkton Stores

Please contact John Young or myself for more information on any of the above


Jean Muir
(tel: 710216)

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