Wednesday, 6 January 2021

KCC eGrapevine 06/01/21

 As you probably are aware, in recent days there has been a large increase in Covid cases in our area.  We have gone from being one of the least affected to one of the worst.

It is important that we are on our guard to keep ourselves safe.  The Kirkmahoe Support Group is still in operation and able to offer help and support if needed.  We just need to be asked.

And please also take care on the icy roads and pavements.  This is not a good time to need to use A&E services.  I hope you enjoy this little clip for 'Still Game'!

Please remember to abide by the restrictions laid out by the Scottish Government.  We have put up with so much over the last few months but hopefully it won't be too long before we can socialise safely again.  

I'm looking forward to getting my vaccination.  It can't come soon enough!

Best wishes for 2021.  


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