Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Water Water Everywhere our special River

With so much water around at the moment it might be of interest to reflect on matters tidal. It is always advisable to check the time of high tide as this is when the water from the sea is at its height and the river water cannot start to drain out until the tide starts to ebb. You should get used to checking tide times on our home page 
Another interesting fact about the tides is that when the tide starts to flow in to a river there is a surge of water called a tidal bore. The most famous tidal bore is the Severn Bore, but if you want to see this phenomenon, there is one much closer to us here on the River Nith. I wonder how many of us knew this.....?This makes the River Nith very special as it is one of only 60 rivers in the world which has a tidal bore.
Here is a website which explains the tidal bore phenomenon and if you scroll down to the seventh River you will see it is the Nith.
Here, also is a Youtube link to the Nith Tidal Bore

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