Wednesday, 13 July 2016

KAP, SPEN, PYLONS Latest and Thanks you for your support

Dear Kirkmahoe resident
Most of you will now know that SPEN have announced they will not progress the 400kv line between Auchencrosh and Harker at this time. The original proposed option having been found not cost effective has meant a reduced scheme consisting of a new 132kv line between Kendoon and Tongland has been confirmed as the most favourable option, and has been submitted to Ofgem.
You can find information on the factors leading to this decision in the Executive Summary of the submission to Ofgem, under the Project Documents tab

The reduced scheme involves the areas categorised as consultation zones 3 and 4 in the original proposal, which does not include any part of Kirkmahoe. While SPEN have carefully reported that they will not progress the Auchencrosh to Harker option “at this time”, I think we can regard this as a very good outcome for this community and for the many others who were dreading the pylons option. The reduced scheme will also pass through some sensitive areas between Kendoon and Tongland and will need careful consideration, but for the time being Kirkmahoe can certainly breath a sigh of relief, knowing that the spectre of giant pylons has gone.
There is a proposal to build a pumped storage hydro scheme at Glenmuclock, NW of Kirkconnel. If approved, this scheme would require a transmission system of some sort. Dumgalagainstpylons has been monitoring this proposal for some time, and at their meeting with SPEN later this month will raise the issue of transmission. Their initial thoughts are that any transmission line would cross the hills to Elvanfoot.
We’ll let you know as we hear any other information about the revised scheme from Kendoon to Tongland or about the Glenmucklock proposal.
Well done Kirkmahoe and all the other small communities in the “preferred corridor". A great result.

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