Monday, 1 February 2016

Satellite Broadband for our area.Details of, and, how to apply

Hello Everyone

When BT Superfast Broadband was brought to Kirkmahoe, a number of properties could not access this service due to a limited upgrade of the infrastructure. KCC has been made aware of a satellite system that might be of interest to those of you in our community who are seeking faster computer speeds. The two attachments in this email explain the opportunity presented and give contact information should you wish to enquire further. We are not sure of the financial competitiveness but this pilot scheme is subsidised and a superfast service would certainly be an advantage for internet users. 

You will see from the email that Simon Barrett of Avanti sent to me, that the scheme ends in March 2016 so can we suggest that if you are interested, time is of the essence.

As always, KCC seeks to improve services for community members, the choice however, is yours as an individual and not a part of any funded recommendation by KCC. Please feel free to cascade this email to anyone that you feel might benefit, this has been sent to all those on the Kirkmahoe mailing list. 

Good luck with your enquiries.

Kind regards

Neil M Munro

Honorary Secretary
Kirkmahoe Community Council
Land line:+44(0)1387 711664
International Mobile:+44(0)7793 361225

Hi Neil,
Following on from our phone call, please find attached an outline on the project from the Dumfries and Galloway Council and an overview brochure (I’m afraid in print format) on the scheme.

As I explained, we are providing wholesale services to two main retail service providers (Avonline and Europasat) and residents and businesses in your community would need to acquire services through them.  Currently there is no connection charge for the scheme, but it will end in March 2016.

With regards to qualification for the pilot, if a premises is in the pre-approved postcode then they are automatically eligible.  This can be confirmed using the post code checker on the site.  We have recently agreed with BDUK (the UK Government sponsor) and The Scottish Government that properties within the County that receive less than 2Mbps can also benefit.  If any of your community fall into this category you can refer them to Saffron Secker and me.  Once we have evidence (ideally a speed check or a screen shot from the BT broadband checker that identifies the property is in an “Exploring Solutions” area) we will then seek approval for that property from the Scottish Government.  

Happy to support a local event if that is useful for you.

Kind Regards


Simon Barrett
Senior Manager, Government Services
Avanti Communications
Cobham House, 20 Black Friars Lane, London EC4V 6EB

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