Friday, 24 July 2015

Please send this letter to your Christmas list

Perhaps you could send this letter to all on your Christmas list, and ask them to do likewise.
Hello Friends

I am sending you this 38 degrees petition 

because we need thousands of signatures to have any effect on the SPEN plans to erect     50 m (164’)tall super pylons in our beautiful area, thus spoiling it for ever.

There is an alternative undersea route, or lines could be undergrounded.

I draw your attention to our Facebook page and request you become a friend.

We also have our Community website where you can find links to give you more information.

In order to ramp up our campaign we request your valuable assistance in sending this to lots of your friends so they too can sign our petition.

Please help save our lovely valleys from such desecration.

The diagram/picture below gives some idea of the height they will be.

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