Sunday, 15 June 2014

More Burglaries in the Region

There has been another spate of burglaries in the region. The properties targeted have been rural. Items stolen have been mainly jewellery. Burglaries such as this are becoming more frequent these days.Click here for more information on latest burglaries in the region.

If you have any jewellery made of precious metals and valuable stones you are advised to take photos of all these along with other items of value in your home. If you have receipts for your valuables keep these in a safe place along with the photos.  Should you be unfortunate enough to be burgled this will help you to get a settlement from your insurer.

You should also check that your household insurance policy is up to date and that items of value are included on it.

If you are anxious about being burgled you should try to make your property more secure. Click here for some tips on making your property more secure.

You could also contact the police for advice.

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