Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday 2nd May Rubbish Collection

For those who have their rubbish uplifted on a Friday you will have noticed that this has not been done this week.
It seems that there was a fault with the lorry thus no collection.
On phoning the refuse people you will be told that they will pick your rubbish up next Friday and that you should leave excess waste in black bags and leave these with your bin.
If you feel that this is not good enough, you should contact the refuse people and the recent past they used to send out a smaller lorry either later on the due day or on the Saturday to make up for no pick up. However the pleasant gentleman who used to do this no longer seems to be there and we are down to answers for everything........this is known as progress.We do pay rather a lot for services through the Community Charge, and see little for our hard earned in this area. It is up to you how you might wish to follow up on this.............

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