Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Warning Parvovirus in Cumbria

Dog owners.if you have not already had your pet vaccinated against this disease, you are urged to take action now. This was recently featured on TV which noted that Kennels have been in quarantine in Cumbria due to a dog dying of this disease.

If you have a puppy and it is not yet vaccinated go along to your vet and get this done immediately.If you intend getting a puppy do not get it from a puppy farm. Make sure you see both parents and that you are happy with the surroundings in which the pup lives. A puppy should have had its first vaccination when you purchase it, and you should be given a vaccination card.

To learn more about this terrible disease in dogs please 
click here.

There is a veterinary surgery here now in the old Police Station at Heathall where you can get this done

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