Thursday, 29 November 2012

Laying Power Cables Underground

We are all aware of the work being done in Kirkton at the moment.
Laying the power cables underground should help diminish the number of power cuts this area has experienced in the past. Power lines have been affected by high winds, and every few years Scottish Power has had to get trees lopped to prevent entanglement in power lines. Over time this proves to be expensive, so although, what is happening now is a major investment, it should save the power company money in the long term.

The lads who are working here, travel from many different parts of Scotland every day....... Glasgow, Livingston, The Borders, whilst some are from the local area. They have been working in some terrible weather conditions,.....teeming rain almost every sub zero temperatures...... but all have remained cheerful throughout.

Here are some photos to record this. It has been requested that Kirkmahoe News informs all the ladies that the good looking one is called David!!!

This phase shows getting ready to link up the new cables to the main supply.
Jim & Selwyn preparing for cables to be linked to the main aupply.
                                         Attaching new cable to the main supply
Thanks to everyone for their patience whilst work is ongoing!




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